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We Make Champions

Hey there! We're so glad you found us. Welcome to California Strong Athletics, the home of gymnastics in the East Bay area. Imagine a place where your kid doesn't just learn to flip, but to soar. That's us. Here, we believe in building not just bodies, but confidence, resilience, and lifelong friendships too.

Pommel Horse

Why Us?

Why pick California Strong Athletics for your child's gymnastics journey? Because we're not just about training athletes. We're about nurturing well-rounded individuals who carry the lessons they learn in the gym into their everyday life. We focus on each child's unique needs, talents, and goals, and help them shine.

Our mantra? "Stronger Together, Community Forever."

Oh and we're also the ONLY gym with all 5 star ratings in the bay!


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Each day, each flip, we're becoming more powerful, inside and out!


Side by side, we're reaching for the stars and beyond.


We're not just a team; we're a tight-knit tribe, cheering each other on.


The friendships, the growth, the memories - they're here to stay for good.

Our Programs

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