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Are you ready to become California Strong? Click the link below to start our registration process. Simply, follow the steps outlined below and on Iclass Pro to create your account.

Join California Strong Athletics

Curious about our classes? We offer trial sessions for just $20 each. And here's the best part - if you decide to join our vibrant community after your trial, we'll credit that $20 straight back to your tuition! It's a win-win!

Want to Try Us Out?

Create Account

First, enter your details as the guardian. Then proceed to fill in your child's (the athlete's) information.

Add Payment

You'll be billed for the first month's tuition, the insurance fee, and a deposit for the last month. Don't worry, the last month deposit will be used to cover your tuition for the final month.

Create Enrollment

Choose Your Class! Simply click on 'Enrollment, select the class that suits your little gymnast best, and enroll them at the gym. 

Time For Fun!

Gear up for your first day at the gym. Make sure you bring a refillable water bottle as we are eco-friendly at the gym with no paper/plastic cups!

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